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UV Chamber

  • PRICE: 6500.00
  • MOQ: 1
  • STOCK:  Available
  • CATEGORY:UV Chamber


Product Details


1. Design Fine Epoxy powder-coated matte finish The inner chamber is made with a rustproof stainless steel bright mirror finish sheet which reflects the UV rays to pass uniformly through the entire work surface area within the cabinet

2. Trays 12 plastic autoclavable trays

3. Light Works with UV Light source

4. Door Magnetic gasket on the door seals the chamber Micro door switch immediately cuts off the UV source when the door is opened, preventing accidental UV exposure.

5. Rust Free Corrosion Resistant LABOZ introduces UltraViolet Chambers with advanced technology and enhanced ability for maintaining the sterlization after the instruments have been sterilized by autoclave or sterilizer. It is equipped with high-quality Ultraviolet Light for its effective functioning. LABOZ Cabinet UV Chamber is epoxy coated Ultraviolet chamber with 12 tray capacities.

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